Stephen Gouwens

Stephen’s musical career started over 21 years ago at the age of 4.  He has been involved in numerous ensembles and has traveled from Chicago to China.  Stephen was a member of the Northwest Indiana Youth Orchestra and Protoge Philharmonic.  He also attended Wheaton Conservatory of Music.

Kristin Hillegonds

Kristin’s musical career started when she was in kindergarten with the piano.  She played clarinet and several other woodwinds in band.  As an adult, she then furthered her studies to include the harp.  She has been performing in the greater Chicagoland area professionally for over 15 years. She now teaches both harp and piano out of her studio. 

Ann-Nicole Sitter

Ann-Nicole has been a dedicated musician for over 23 years.  She is fluent on both flute and violin and has performed in Chicago and Italy.  Ann-Nicole was classically trained on both instruments and was a member of the Northwest Indiana Youth Orchestra and the Protege Philharmonic.  She also teaches flute privately and performs in the greater Chicagoland area.